VERY RARE: ‘The lifestyle, not just clothes…’

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VERY RARE in Diva Fashion magazine
VERY RARE in Diva Fashion magazine

Croatian monthly fashion magazine DIVA made a story about VERY RARE in their newest issue, praising its ‘unique ideas’, global relevancy in the streetwear field (design-wise), and focus on the lifestyle, not just clothing alone, and funnily enough, recognized its tendency to keep low profile. There is also an online version and you can check it on the jump.

Here are my favorite excerpts:

“Basic because of its design, special because of its patches, unique because of its ideas.”

“Mystic and cryptic until you scratch the surface. Actually it’s unpretentious and world-class.”

Read it there. You can also see the magazine story here.

Thank you DIVA! Korana ++

BONUS: December 2016, as I read this now, I really admire the ‘Margiela redesigns’ correlation, especially if you consider the direction I took with all the 1/1 stuff.

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