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Insight into creative process and details behind our newest offering, the +AFTERLIFE+, exclusively for

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“AFTERLIFE firstly came up as a business model redesign idea where I wanted to get closer to my current core of customers and collaborators and do personalized stuff for them only. In the end, the name stayed for the new collection too, for both reasons; being the first one in the current business model era, but also for its aesthetic.”

“My approach to creating is spontaneous and holistic, because its constantly driven by the idea and not the product. I can analyze the creative process better after several months, when I see the (sub)conscious inspiration and things that affected me in that period. The goal is to constantly set bigger goals and see my growth in getting new knowledge, but also in a way of perceiving things I ‘know’ now…”

Read the full story here.

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