VERY RARE fashion pop-up store

*out of the memory* Pop-Up Shop Opening

VERY RARE made its first entry into retail experience by opening the one-month pop-up store in DBOxX, a designer store in Zagreb (which also made its first step into streetwear). The clothes presented are store exclusives (for now) and range from classic logo designs all the way to those recalling the previous campaigns and various […]

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VERY RARE Some Girls Wander by Mistake Lookbook, bomber jacket


The *Some girls wander by mistake* exhibition went even further in VERY RARE’s claim to leave the ‘usual streetwear brand’ comfort zone. Soon after, I went to Ljubljana to give these 1/1 jackets more detailed visual surrounding and thus shot the lookbook with Živa.

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VERY RARE Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Denim Jacket

VERY RARE x Joy Division Denim Jacket

This blog rarely covers the 1/1 work I regularly do, and which basically represents the core of VERY RARE at the moment, so I’ll try to change that with some future posts, the first one being this one about 1 of 1 Joy Division ‘Unknown Pleasures’ denim jacket.

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VERY RARE fashion Exhibition


On Saturday, day after the Friday 13th, VERY RARE held its second exhibition, titled *Some Girls Wander by Mistake*; just like with all the other product I put out, this one changed its face a lot throughout the year and the final version can be seen on the jump.

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Wedding Dress by VERY RARE

A New Day

VERY RARE had a great opportunity to design a wedding dress. A rare, special and (of course) 1/1 project. More photos in the post…

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